Get ready to be a legend in the digital world! We are here to create wonders with our team that knows no bounds in creative work.

Our strong strategies are based on our curiosity for the new, our pursuit of trends all the time, and our pursuit of undiscovered insight.

We have 10’s of solutions for our business partners who aim to be the best in Social Media and Digital Marketing, IT Service and Network solutions, Web Design and Software!

We are working on the best analysis and strategies for the digital growth. Our priority is to create the perfect road map in a process that covers all service stages from advertising management to creative content process.

Our software team and design team are a whole in the front-end and back-end service! We look forward to telling the brand’s story together by optimizing the user experience.

Our creative team pursues the best for photography, video shooting and animation services. Let’s create your visual identity according to the characteristics of your brand’s structure.

Catching what is up to date, preparing what is suitable for all platforms, we’re in. We provide effective communication strategies with professional approaches in the digital transformation process.


Diligent work is required for jobs that will fascinate people.
The preparation process is also one of the most enjoyable parts. We go through these ways to tell the story of your brand.

We meet our new business partners who are just as excited as us to work together.

We listen to the expectations, wishes and goals of our new colleagues.

If we agree on the overall strategy, our creative team can take their place on the stage for the next stage.

First, we evaluate all data such as brand structure, wishes, appropriate strategies, competitors and targets.

Then, all stages from content formats to structure are planned and scheduled.

When our creative team achieves the best, the excitement of sharing our work with our customers begins.

Factors such as user experience and currency are thoroughly scanned.

Everyone focuses on doing great things in their field. It proceeds towards being the best with continuous development and exchange of ideas in the meantime.

All outputs go through the final check according to the opinions of our business partners.

The results of works coming from a long way are shared with customers to meet all expectations and even more.

Although there is no revision and improvement, a final evaluation is made.

We start to observe the results of our work with our happy customers.

Latest works



We are a large team of people with different expertise. We think that our works seem to be related to each other, but each branch we serve is a part of another professional field. We are a gathering group obsessed with work. We constantly support each other in content, technique, and management, and we become one when it comes to the production and control process.

We are the agency part of the Social Media Campus. So we are constantly looking for excellence and enthusiasm about learning as educational institutions should. In addition, we are always up-to-date when those who want to hit this sector in the education part and reinforce what they have learned through internship join us.

Experts, on the one hand, developers on the one hand, and brand new perspectives on the other. Imagine the brainstorming we did. We cannot escape from quality work.

First of all, let us proudly state our ability to plan by the demands and strategies of our customers in each of our fields of work. Scaleups or Startup projects, we can offer the necessary solutions for businesses of all sizes. Because creating a brand and trying to develop it in the digital world is a whole!

We have the same excitement when starting the corporate identity work and when make the advertising arrangements for an old brand. Every time we know there is something better. In this regard, can compete with ourselves and with the brand history.

As an agency that has worked with many different sectors such as clothing, banking, and tourism, let’s just say that we love to take a step towards innovations. While presenting the most creative works to the new brand area, who are shaped according to the dynamics of the sector. We base our development and creativity on brand structure rather than product and service. There is no unknown sector, there are poorly developed strategies.

If you want to get service in one of our working areas, you can contact us now. If you wish, you can call the number in the contact section, but better to send an e-mail from here. Thus, we have a chance to see your brand.

Then we’ll call you later, have a lot of questions. Such as your target audience, service requests, budget and project goals. We will look at your brand again in line with this information and prepare a plan for what we can do. Next, we’ll schedule a meeting to see if your expectations match what we’re doing and make improvements. If all is well, sending you the quotation with our budget. We see no reason not to initiate the action plan after approval.

We believe in the power of work done as a team. We notice this again when brainstorming before starting projects. At the end of the process, reorganization works for necessary additions and errors. This is how the perfect project comes out.

All digital works contain a certain dynamism. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly research and evaluate from different perspectives. A great team is a savior in this regard, as well as pushing the limits of creativity. The privilege of working with 1010 is that this team is always dynamic. In addition to our constantly growing intern staff, there is a solid main team that understands the language of the brand. When our expertise in other services is included, reporting, analysis, and development processes become more efficient.

Yes, we also work with brands in other cities. Even have customers operating in other countries. In fact that communication with them is sometimes even more successful. Because the flow of communication does not stop. In other words, we did not experience any negative effects on efficiency. According to your brand requirement, we can visit your location. Although there are parts of our team in other cities, anyone who is a part of meetings and shoots can go to the city in case of need. So for us, the borders have been lifted a long time ago.



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